(gray area statement tee)

the collection was inspired by a poem written by the creative director, Amir Gray. The Statement Tee designs uses light pink hues to compliment the graceful yet tenacious poem.

be confident in this statement. it shall come to pass, just be patient. it was spoken before you could listen, even if you go blind, never forget the vision. hard times come and go, but to persevere, you must know: 



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"As a creative, I believe one should have multiple ways of express him or herself. I express myself in many different art forms. The Statement Tee was based on a poem I wrote a year prior to the conception of the collection. I wrote the poem to inspire and uplift myself as going through the inevitable

 struggles of every day life. The poem shifted my focus to realize my success is also inevitable."


(gray area butterfly tee)

the butterfly tee design is displayed in two different color ways, black and white. The design is centered around a stone bearing the phrase, "THOU SEASON SHALL COME." 

The stone is centered around a range of natural elements of contrasting colors to embody the themes of perseverance and inevitable growth: flowers blossom; snakes shed; butterflies undergo metamorphosis. Everything undergo a process and withstand the test of time to become reach a new level and achieve growth.  


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Project Credits

Models (left to right): Maya Grady, Michael Grady, Amir Gray, Amarie Ashley, Ashleigh Gray, and Jason Valle

Photographer: Tavis Trendin

Creative Director: Amir Gray

Designer: Amir Gray